Why Members Love Surkus


There’s nothing that makes us happier than 5-star reviews from our Surkus members! With over 5,000 app store reviews from our 450,000 users, we’re so proud of the vibrant and engaged community we’ve built around product discovery! 

What makes Surkus so special? Why do members and businesses keep coming back for more? The answer is rather simple: amazing products, access to top notch brands, and authentic customer feedback and content. 


Since 2014, Surkus has offered over 250k great products & experiences in exchange for authentic customer feedback. We’re proud to have attracted a diverse and unique group of members from all over the world inclusive of all ages, genders, ethnicities and cultures.


What’s the one piece of feedback we consistently hear the most? How grateful and excited our members are to get access to such interesting products at such low prices. From diffusers, air purifiers, juicers, air fryers, haircare, clothes, beauty and more, we strive to always deliver amazing products that our members love. 



But don’t take our word for it, hear from our members directly! 


Love Surkus! Awesome app! Have gotten a lot of items off here!

by FobFan4998 


Umm I really don’t understand why more people don’t know about this!

by Jessica Shotwell 


Wow! It has been an amazing journey with Surkus and is worth the investment/ time. I have been able to locate some amazing products through the network.

by hannwew 


Love this APP!!! 🙂 Oh my gosh it’s the best app so far! Not only do you get free products, the products are so good and help whether it’s dog food, nutrition, vitamins and so much other stuff. I’ve been using it everyday and getting everything they offer. Lol. Even before the coronavirus they used to also have events and parties you can go to for free. How amazing is that? I definitely recommend it.

by heba1690 


Obsessed! I love this app!!! I’m literally obsessed and can’t get enough of the offers that they provide. All of the products are things that I want, and they are great products! The platform is easy to navigate and to use. I love that I get products that I want just for engaging with the brands in a super easy way. I love checking the app everyday, and I use it constantly. I highly recommend this app!!!

by AHUH12 


I love to get free stuff and love being a reviewer

by Karen Casas 

Member satisfaction is our #1 priority. It is the loyal users and consistent feedback that keeps Surkus running and we couldn’t be more grateful. Thank you for supporting a vision, goal, and movement. Thank you for Surkus!