Generating Authentic Reviews At Scale

Growth, creativity, and outreach. These goals are the key drivers of Surkus and Test Rite’s collaboration. Together, these two companies have been able to share amazing offers with Surkus members, increase sales and generate loyalty, lifetime customers. 

Test Rite specializes in home-related products and plays a key role in customers’ lives, turning their houses into homes to build a better tomorrow.

Over the past year, Surkus has teamed up with Test Rite to offer members access to products from Test Rite’s own collection. From home and kitchen items to DIY products, Test Rite strives to reach out to new customers to find the ideal target for their products. They also desire to gain additional feedback on various products to help drive business development and growth. 

Through the Test Rite and Surkus collaboration, Test Rite listed 308 offers on Surkus, giving members the opportunity to purchase products and receive cashback in exchange for specified engagement. Test Rite coordinated with Surkus members to acquire creative content with their products to use for future purposes. This method allowed members to be rewarded once proof of purchase, published feedback, and/or an Instagram post were uploaded onto the Surkus app. 

Overall, Test Rite generated 2,769 new customers and exposure to a new audience of 1.9 million. 

Test Rite continues to share offers with Surkus members, using results to help drive growth and positive results.