Are you a Surkus Member who lives for completing offers - receiving packages, testing new products, and submitting reviews?

If so, WE want to recognize YOU!

To acknowledge our most active and loyal members, we’re launching the Offer Challenge, which will track and reward the members who complete the most offers every month.

The breakdown goes like this:

Gold Greatness

Gold Greatness is our highest tier, made up of our most active and loyal members. You are in this exalted group if you’ve completed 30 or more offers in a month! Every month, you will receive a reward of $100 in cash and a shout out in both our newsletter and socials. 

Silver Superstar

The second tier is Silver Superstar, not an easy feat! You are a Silver Superstar if you have completed 15 or more offers in a month, and you’ll receive a $25 cash reward. 

Bronze Hero

The third tier is Bronze Hero. If you have completed 5 or more offers in one month, you are our hero! To thank you, you will get a First Look at the most exclusive FREE products, and heavily discounted purchase-only offers (no reviews necessary). 

July Leaderboard (Check out who's leading):

June Champions (See if you placed):

This month we hit a record high of members who placed in Gold Greatness. 11 loyal and amazing Surkus members completed more than 30 offers. Our MVP, Sammi R, completed a total of 64 offers in June. She really crushed it! 

Gold Greatness


Sammi R – 64

Lindsay D – 55

Danielle P – 39

Lanae D – 36

Edith L – 35

Katie W – 34


Alejo B P – 33

Dr. Sophia T – 32

Anna P – 31

Vibha G – 30

Arpita S – 30


Silver Superstar

Aubrionna S – 29
Tuu H – 29
Saju N – 28
Emily A – 28
Nicole B – 27
Mayowa I – 27
Nataliya S – 27
Liz K – 25
Courtney F – 25 
Patricia J – 24
Ally H – 23
Tayla W – 21
Lexi L D – 21
Alexis S – 20 
James B – 20
Romina L – 20
Stephanie O – 20 

Maddie M – 19
Abby C – 19
Melyna G – 19
Jataun W G – 19
Amy M – 18
Pornprapai L – 18 
Bailey K – 18
Jacci N – 17
Sam M – 17
Arda B – 16
Alex H – 16
Flora S F – 15
Erika Z – 15 
Russell M – 15
Lily H – 15
Ekaterina G – 15 

Bronze Hero

Sherryl S
Amanda T
Olga C
Kimberly B
Brandon F
Olga S
Vivian C
Neera A
Tan T
Maren G
Kimberly D
Theodore M
Lindsay A
Caroline M
Meg S
Armin C T
Lynnette M
Florence K
Yolanda O
Brian P
Megan N
Alana K
Sasha C
Alan S
Dee T
Julie F
Brittany M
Dakota W
Mandi V
Jessica P
Jena H
Annie B H
Lora O
Jen K
Chizo I
Husna O
Kirandeep S
Sarah S C
Elizabeth M
Liza S
Mary K M
Valentin G
Lisa L
Lynn F
Valbona X
Lexi N
Tandi C
Allison B
Jessica R
Susana R
Julie S P
Clare B
Zachary T
Anastasia L
Nat L
Gina S
Corey T
Cailee S
Olivia D
Tara R
Mireya R
Stephanie G
Ryan B
Joshua H
Michelle B
Arpine S
Yulia G
Roger S
Sara C
Emily M
Courtney R
Gabriella C
Viktoriia P
Tammy F
April R
Alyssa Z
Tessa C
Elyse R

Heather R
Ryan W
Isaura Z O
Eduardo R
Courtney N
Sierra B
Vansh M
Nathan R
Rachel C
Olivia C
April R
Diana B
Michelle B
Tammyy G
Edmund W
Jie C
Vicky L
Murray C P
Jessica B
Elena P
Amy T
Daryna V
Renata O
Savannah M
Yana S
Marissa G
Kassandra K
Juanita B
Samantha M
Melinda K
Sabrina M
Matt Z
Veronica C
Morgan P
Julie J
Sam R
Leysa S
Chelsea J
Kim L
Lindsey N
Nancy R
Gabriel I
Taylor S
Sandy B
Bryan O M
Rosana B
Jill E
Melinda C D
Julia K
Jessica R
Mickey R
Tania G
Kandy E
Zarina S
Jenny C
Emily W
Liliana C
Molly A
Sia B
Angela L
Amanda G
Marie S
Star W
Ti Y
Yen P M
Yvette R
Katie O
Alyssa A
Hailey L
Mc W
Iveta D
Nicole Z
Cecilia K
Angela K
Vanessa R
Janci M
Taylor S
Angela K
Sarah B

Sunny S
Manahil A
Katie K
Elizabeth P
Colette P
Jessica W
Andrea F
Alex L A
Cinthya B
Ally H
Monique D
Ciliong H
Cynthia K
Amanda C
Shauna N
Diana A
Mackenzie L
Elezcia S
Kevin A B
Pazong X
Johanna F
Cher N
Anita N
Rosie D
Hannah W
Edy J
Aradin M
Prashant G
Daniel O
Michelle S
Madai R
Amy S
Anna B
Nelly N
Peggie Y
Sara G
Kelly K
Nicole P
Ebony H
Miranda C
Josh M
Asma M
Karla A
Christina O
Janine P
Elsa C
Beautiful M A
Melanie M
Laura M
Mary J
Jennifer L
Karin T
Sara S
Jane L
Anahit A
Alice T
Taylor N
Jessica B
Cam D
Samantha S
Denise M
Linda C D
Angel S
Kenny M
Olivia T
Katie S
Maria S
Tatevik B
Alice C
Reina V
Daniel F
Trianna L
Griselda R
Alicia K
Kate A
Elliott S
Natalia H
Sherry R

And the July Offer Challenge begins…Will you make the leaderboard this month?!

What are you waiting for? Open the app and start completing offers! Not only will you receive FREE or heavily discounted products, but you can get extra $$$ as well. Keep completing our amazing offers and check the leaderboard every week to see where you fall.