Creativity at its Finest with KiwiCo

Surkus Creators’ KiwiCo Content

Nothing gets children learning more than a little imaginative fun. KiwiCo, a company focused on innovative products that cater to the creativity of children, combines science and art to produce ingenious methods  to educate. With over 1,500 project designs and numerous crate packages to choose from, there is something for every child regardless of their age. 

From the Panda Crate to the Maker Crate, KiwiCo has created different levels children can work through as they mature. KiwiCo believes that creative confidence helps kids think big and act like creators and producers instead of just consumers. These creative kits allow kids to solve problems in their own unique way because there isn’t one simple answer. Every crate includes hands-on projects that encourage creative, out of the box thinking. 

To help create awareness and showcase their products, KiwiCo teamed up with Surkus to generate high quality customer content that reflected the connection between their customers and products. 

With the assistance of 12 vetted and trained Surkus Creators, KiwiCo generated 36 high-quality, custom images to use across digital, eCommerce and social channels. 

Through the Surkus Creators program, KiwiCo was able to find and activate their ideal customers to create content that was authentic, high-quality and proven to perform across their owned channels.